More Than A Meteorologist

Understanding how the world reacts to the environment around it 



Contextual Weather Based Advertising

The Weather Company

Targeting digital ads based on the weather that a user is experiencing. Analyzing consumer data to determine the best conditions to achieve client goals.

Meteorological Business Consulting

Weather Trends International

Analyses focused around the impact of weather (specifically temperature and precipitation) on the retail sector. Clients from the C level down to store managers read these reports to both describe and prepare for changes in business.

Product Management

IBM Watson Advertising

Managed all aspects of the WEATHERfx product. Development, revenue, legal, security, privacy, sales, and evolution all fell under my purview. 

Life & Hobbies



Being a Husband and Father

Of everything listed on this page, this is what I’m most proud of.  Being a father to two incredible little boys and the husband of a beautiful and intelligent woman.


Feeling at Peace in Nature

Golf is where I scratch my competitive itch while also challenging myself. Whether watching or playing, it is my passion when not in the office.


The Closest to Artistic I Get

I’ve always been attracted to web page creation but never loved coding. I am constantly challenged and have helped friends out by creating easy to use WordPress pages for their small buisnesses.


What People Are Saying

Dennis is an amazing husband and lover.  He loves his kids endlessly and does all the chores.

Karen O'Donnell (Probably)


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He’s handsome.

My Mom