Product Manager

IBM Watson Advertising

Weather Based Contextual Ad Targeting


WEATHERfx is a real-time, event-based targeting platform that enables brands to leverage the powerful connection between weather and emotion to deliver messaging that can drive consumer action.


Revenue Increase

Greater than 100% y-o-y increase in off-property revenue for 3 years running.


Portfolio Diversification

Grew from strictly TWC O&O to being available in every major DSP, Facebook, VISTAR, and the Google Ad Platform


International Expansion

From US only to now available in more than a dozen countries across the globe.


Manage Diverse Team

Continually expanding my managerial capabilities to make sure features added to WFX are vetted by every major department



Well versed in Agile principles and chosen as an Agile ambassador for IBM Watson Advertising



Work closely with sales teams as both a SME and as a resource to develop new features for WFX.


A product is only “cool” if results show how great it really is


“consumers exposed to the weather-triggered messaging were 57% more likely to visit than those exposed to the “always on” creative.”

3M Filtrete

“created custom WEATHERfx triggers for Filtrete that delivered messaging on The Weather Channel app and website to relevant consumers in specific regions when they were experiencing weather conditions likely to drive sales”

Pharma Vertical

“Analyzing the two sets of data, WEATHERfx Health with Watson empowers brands to connect with consumers during these critical moments in order to drive both awareness and action.”

With the predicted death of cookies, weather targeting is a powerful method of contextual advertising.   

Dennis O'Donnell

Product Manager