Who is Dennis O’Donnell?  What does he like to do outside of work?

These types of things are really difficult to write, I inevitably forget something important or overstate something else.  With that said, use this as a starting point before getting to know me, then ask questions to try to get to know who I am.

Close relationships are incredibly important to me and I cherish being able to open up to people without fear of condemnation.  It’s these close relationships that have helped me through my education and career.  A close knit extended family has formed this need for close relationships as these relationships become similar to the relationship that I share with this family (what is a good synonym for relationship?).  Knowing what I want from others helps guide my own decisions, I try to live by the don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to yourself.  I also try to live by the don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to your sister.  🙂

I have been married since March 2010 and welcomed my first child in November 2012.  My wonderful wife Karen and I enjoy trying new foods and traveling anywhere we can afford.  Our honeymoon took us to Tahiti which was a wonderful experience.  By far the most beautiful place I have ever been, with the best food I’ve ever had as well.  We also like to camp with my sister and her family.  It gives us all a chance to bond without the distractions of modern society (mostly TV) and lets me bond with my niece and nephew.

Sports are something I love to be involved with, whether it is playing or watching, I enjoy being able to “forget” for a little while.  Being so caught up in something that any worries disappear for the duration of that activity is amazing.  Baseball is my first love in the athletic world, I am an avid Philadelphia Phillies fan and was lucky enough to see them capture their second World Championship in 2008.  While my hardball days are far behind me, I do love to get out on the diamond and play slow pitch softball with friends.

Outside of baseball, I enjoy golfing on summer weekends.  In high school I was a member of the schools golf team and even was able to receive All District honors my senior year.  I am roughly a 12 handicap and one of the biggest “athletic” achievements of my life was breaking 80 with a score of 77 at Turtle Creek golf course.

Being fit and active is something that has made my life easier and adds to goals outside of the office.  I have completed numerous 5k’s, one 8k and one 10k runs and even have completed 3 sprint distance triathlons.  I hope to move on to the olympic distance in 2014.  Outside of running, I enjoy CrossFitting.  It is just another way to challenge myself outside of my career.

All of the above gives you a quick snapshot of who I am; But it only scratches the surface of “me”.  If you have any questions, or just want to talk about Phillies, Golf, NFL or anything else shoot me an e-mail.